BEWARE - Emoov customer whose sale fell apart as firm went into administration sent ‘deferred payment’ bill

A seller who instructed Emoov two months before it entered administration has received a letter asking her to settle her deferred payment bill.

When Emoov went into administration last December 3, administrator James Cowper Kreston said the site had 5,000 properties either listed or sold subject to contract.

It said that around 80% had paid upfront – in total, around £1.5m. These former customers have already been told that they are unlikely to see repayment, as the preferred creditors will be unpaid staff.

However, the figures suggest that a number of former Emoov customers who have not yet paid are being sent bills, and this could continue over the summer.

The seller who contacted PROPERTY EYE said that in choosing Emoov she had been given the choice between upfront and deferred payment, and had opted for the latter, which she thought would be payable on completion of the sale.

Shawbrook Bank, with whom the deferred agreement was in place, has now written to the vendor asking her to pay up.

She says she had only received one viewing through Emoov, but subsequently had an offer which she accepted.

As Emoov did not then reply to any emails, she lost the sale, and also the property she had put an offer on.

PROPERTY EYE have approached both the administrators and Shawbrook Bank for comment.